Aliens in the distance
Aliens in the distance

The Hermetic Penetrator, recently published an amazing article entitled “On “Baiting” the UFO Trickster & the Control-System Hypothesis which can be found here: and I encourage everyone to read it, as it lays the foundation for the gist contained herein.

If you don’t know who I am, I’d encourage you to find me on Twitter at @JeremyUnidenti1, on Instagram at osiris_uap, and on YouTube at — and then check out @UntitledUAP on Twitter.

Since my involvement with the History Channel’s “Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation” in 2019 (airing in 2020) my life has significantly changed…sometimes for the better…

A programing language is a formal language comprising a set of instructions that produce various kinds of output. Programming languages are used in computer programming to implement algorithms.

That statement is profound, in ways that aren’t yet apparent — and we’ll circle back to that in a bit…

My writing style is different. I’m not a creative writer. In fact, I’m the exact opposite of one. I am, a technical writer for a prolific defense contractor; dealing in UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) in roughly 14 different countries and a few domestic locations. I mention this for two reasons: 1) because…

AI is the new “voice” of cyber criminals.

It’s a brave new world (pun intended) as we wake up to news that Artificial Intelligence systems are perpetrating criminal activity. Reports are circulating that state the CEO of a UK based energy company was having a conversation with, who he believed to be, the CEO of the parent company. During the conversation, he was instructed to transfer $243,000 to the account of a Hungarian supplier.

However, as he would soon learn (after transferring the funds), he was not speaking with the CEO of his parent company. In fact, he was speaking…

You can change your password — you can’t change your face.

Facial Recognition is inevitable for mass adoption. Casinos across the globe are installing this technology to accomplish everything from the detection of unwanted guests, the personalization of VIP experiences, access control, and the merging of transactional data, player ratings, and existing rewards systems.

It’s a no-brainier that casinos the world over are flocking towards this technology. The ability to enhance the overall guest experience with streamlined processes directly affects the guest’s behavior and willingness to spend.

First, what is TITO?

A system for slot machine play through the use of a barcoded paper ticket. The ticket may be purchased in advance of slot machine play, or issued from the slot machine if there are credits remaining at the conclusion of the patron’s gaming session. When the patron has completed his play, balances on the ticket can be redeemed for cash at a kiosk or the casino cage or used for further play at the casino that issued the ticket

Where did it come from?

In consideration of the potential use of blockchain to phase-out the TITO, we must understand the nuances around which TITO was…

The government of the United States has, on the surface, maintained an excellent reputation throughout the past by taking care of veterans. The United States has the most comprehensive system of assistance for Veterans of any nation in the world, with roots that can be traced back to 1636, when the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony were at war with the Pequot Indians. The Pilgrims passed a law that stated that disabled soldiers would be supported by the colony. The Department of Veterans Affairs carries this tradition through Congressional mandate and currently supports over 20 million Veterans. …

As Americans, our views on economics are tainted from experiences. The world, for the most part, is open access and we are mostly blind to censorship actions in other countries. We feel free to partake in the exchange of value transactions at our whim. The concept of not being able to purchase a good or service is, for the most part, a foreign concept to us.

But it’s not and we suffer from financial censorship on a daily basis.

Take, for example, an industry which is constantly under restrictions of financial freedoms — firearms and gun rights organizations. I realize…

The Progression of Sports Betting In The United States

In order to fully grasp the utility of Blockchain in Sports Betting, one must first understand the early history of the industry and the regulations that its Wild West type of origins forced into creation. The United States has a sorted history of gambling and sports betting, and the latter has often flouted gambling regulations and anti-gambling laws simply due to its inherent nature of being ‘mostly’ decentralized from inception. This country (and many others, I’d assume) have witnessed a long battle between gaming laws and people who wish to enjoy betting on sports. Regulation in sports betting really became…

In-Game merchandising could be the revenue model which start-up and indie game companies need to get over the hump as well as a tremendous tool in providing for massive profits for established game development companies.

But it isn’t; and I want to know why. After reading this article, please let me know your thoughts on why this monetization process isn’t exploited by the video game industry — I need to know.

George Lucas has a few dollars in his account. Mainly from his success with Star Wars. But it wasn’t the movie, directly, which made Mr. Lucas a billionaire. …

Video Game Virtual Currencies & Financial Crimes — A Complex Problem Often Overlooked

[Opinions Expressed In This Article Are Only The Opinions Of The Author And Are Not Reflective To Or Of Any Association With Any Person, Company, Entity, Or Agency]

Over the past several months, I’ve written a few articles regarding video game development and how novel technologies may be used in the creation of virtual in-game currencies and even to provide real-world value to in-game tokens for use in purchasing tangible merchandise from in-game stores. You can catch up on those articles HERE and HERE.

While my previous articles spoke about new innovations in payment processing for the Video Game Industry…

Jeremy McGowan

USAF veteran — trained observer — investigator — witness — skeptic — seeking answers — driver of O.S.I.R.I.S. — YouTube host — dad — husband.

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